Our Elite Packaging team can, and will, create the most innovative and eye-catching packaging for you and your product.


Cartamundi is the worldwide leader in playing cards and print manufacturing. Founded almost 250 years ago, and with presence in multiple countries, the packaging side of Cartamundi USA, in Dallas, Texas, has grown exponentially in recent years. To accommodate that growth, in 2011, Elite Packaging by Cartamundi was born.

With offices in North Hollywood, California, Elite Packaging initially serviced the needs of the large entertainment studios in the Los Angeles area. Since its inception, Elite has grown to provide offerings to an even wider product range including health and beauty, electronics and more.


From concept to completion, each custom package is an adventure. At Elite Packaging, we love a good adventure! We understand the consumer's relationships with products, strive to understand our clients' goals and objectives and thrive on turning them into a reality.

Our team will support your efforts to quickly capture the consumer's attention and reach for your package. We will solve any packaging challenges through our understanding of the client's needs and our wide variety of services. See below what we can do for you, and then contact our sales team to start your project!

Creative Services

We will bring a great packaging idea into a reality. Our creative services team collaborates with our clients, our R&D team, and production and manufacturing experts to bring every great idea to life.

This includes:

  • Black & White Sketches
  • Color Renders
  • Graphic Design Solutions
  • Structural Design Solutions
  • Print & Finishing Technique Solutions
  • Comps & Full-Color Mockups

Project Management

Our project managers use their expertise to manage project milestones from concept to delivery. By creating an adaptable framework, we are able to effectively organize, plan and control the project's process.

This includes:

  • Defining the project
  • Creating distinguishable milestones and tasks (design, pricing, production, completion and delivery)
  • Assessing possible challenges and finding solutions
  • Engaging and informing team members and clients of progress
  • Managing and monitoring production quality
  • Preparing product packaging for shipment

Supply Chain Management

We coordinate and control the supply of raw materials and service-based suppliers for each component of a custom package from the initial raw material order to final delivery. This allows us to provide our clients with the best services, materials and pricing available.

This includes:

  • Making production decisions (including contracting, scheduling and planning)
  • Measuring all operations against competitors
  • Implementing best practices internally and externally
  • Focusing on customer needs
  • Requesting forecasting and sharing with suppliers, as appropriate
  • Performing inbound operations activities, including transportation from suppliers and inventory
  • Centralizing production operations activities (including the consumption of raw materials and movement of finished goods)


With almost 300,000 sq. ft. under one roof at our Dallas, Texas manufacturing facility, our first class production teams have the latest and greatest manufacturing equipment available to bring your packaging to life. This includes 2 KBA 10-color 5/5 perfecting presses (with UV coating capabilities), plus state-of-the-art foil stamping and die cutting machines, versatile gluing equipment and our brand-new rigid windowing machine. The possibilities are virtually endless for your product!



We offer shipping support services to help your custom package successfully reach its fulfillment or distribution center. Additionally, we have significant experience with several freight companies – and can use either your company's preferred shipper or our own.